• Differential Pressure Transmitter – How Do They Work?

    Differential pressure transmitters (DPT’s) are very useful instruments with a wide range of applications. They’re used in anything from monitoring a clean room’s air presure to make sure it has the right flow of filtered air to keep it clean, to ensuring a safety enclosure like a biosafety cabinet is performing within specified limits, to…

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  • RTD Probe, Fitting, Wires

    How Does An RTD Work?

    This article will describe how a resistive temperature detector (RTD) works. An RTD, otherwise known as a resistance thermometer, is used to sense the temperature of something, like a room, a freezer, a boiler, or a chemical reactor. These are just a few examples of their many uses. It’s helpful to keep in mind that RTD’s…

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  • Wireless Temperature Transmitters – Benefits and Drawbacks

    What is a wireless temperature transmitter? First, let’s define what a temperature transmitter (TT) is in general. A TT is a device that both measures the temperature of something, like a room, and transmits the signal to another location to be use to control a piece of equipment or to record the temperature of something. A…

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