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  • Water Level Transmitter Within a Tank or Reactor

    Water Level Transmitter and Controls Within a Tank or Reactor One of the most common applications of a level transmitter (LT) is measuring the level of water, or another liquid, in a tank. The LT will usually be mounted to a nozzle or bulk head fitting where it can be flanged or threaded into the…

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  • What Are Level Transmitters Used For?

    Level transmitters are used to tell you the level of something, usually within a tank, reactor, pit or a large enclosure used to store bulk solid materials like road salt. Often a level transmitter (LT) will ultimately be able to tell you the volume of the liquid or solid it is measuring by applying some…

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  • Differential Pressure Transmitter – How Do They Work?

    Differential pressure transmitters (DPT’s) are very useful instruments with a wide range of applications. They’re used in anything from monitoring a clean room’s air presure to make sure it has the right flow of filtered air to keep it clean, to ensuring a safety enclosure like a biosafety cabinet is performing within specified limits, to…

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  • RTD Probe, Fitting, Wires

    How Does An RTD Work?

    This article will describe how a resistive temperature detector (RTD) works. An RTD, otherwise known as a resistance thermometer, is used to sense the temperature of something, like a room, a freezer, a boiler, or a chemical reactor. These are just a few examples of their many uses. It’s helpful to keep in mind that RTD’s…

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  • Wireless Temperature Transmitters – Benefits and Drawbacks

    What is a wireless temperature transmitter? First, let’s define what a temperature transmitter (TT) is in general. A TT is a device that both measures the temperature of something, like a room, and transmits the signal to another location to be use to control a piece of equipment or to record the temperature of something. A…

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  • Temperature Transmitter
    Relative Humidity

    Johnson Controls HE-67S3-0N0BT – Wall Mount Humidity and Temperature Element Transmitter with Silicon Temperature Sensor

    Product: Johnson Controls HE-67S3-0N0BT Price: CDN$ 213.13 & FREE Shipping Buy Here: amazon.com Dimension: 10.7 x 9.1 x 14 cm Accuracy: +/- 3% RH, +/- 1ºF (0.6ºC) at 70ºF (21ºC) The Johnson Controls HE-67S3-0N0BT wall mount humidity and temperature transmitter is made from all polymer construction, making it resistant to  chemical corrosion. Elements are powered with 14 to…

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  • About Kevin

    Welcome! Please let us serve your need for technical equipment and instrument applications. OUR STORY At Technical Equipment we offer quality solutions for technical applications such as measuring and transmitting pressure, temperature, humidity and other process or commercial variables. With a career in engineering spanning more than 10 years and several sectors including manufacturing, processing,…

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